‘Free’ movement for women in Delhi?

AAP Government’s initiative of making metro and buses free for women is showing itself to be a two-sided sword. While some people are coming with wholehearted support for it, many people find it a total election gimmick. With multiple factors in place, it is obvious that people are having all sorts of concerns and perspectives. Not that it is important, but here is what I think…

It will ensure safety for women

This will be true to a certain extent where the metro connectivity reaches the remote places of Delhi. However, for most of the other places, this would cause no impact at all. Additionally, it depends on the distance the traveler wants to travel and the economic status of the woman. Delhi, being a cesspool of giant economic curves among different sections of people, these free traveling allowances would ensure that a woman, who is traveling a large distance for a job that pays little and considers other transports due to the high fare in the metro would consider the safer alternative of metro now. Otherwise, it doesn’t really impact safety. Better use of the money would be investing in other safety-related initiatives like CCTVs, streetlights, etc.

It will reduce pollution

No matter how much we take pride in our efforts of reaching gender parity, women travelers are still far less compared to male travelers. This ratio reduces even further when self-transport is involved. If the thought is that it will have a direct impact on pollution control, I don’t think I agree with that.

Why just women?

This has a simple answer – Mathematics. With women travelers far less than male travelers, making public transports free for them would incur far less cost to government than providing some subsidy to everyone. Additionally, the wow factor is associated with ‘FREE’ and certainly, it is free PR!

I am a woman with equal rights, powers, and responsibilities as a man. Why should I travel free?

Most certainly, you should not. Thanks to you people, we are moving towards reaching gender equality and we request your association in the future too. Talking about now, the government has proposed that if any women want to pay for their travel, they are free to do so. Go girl power!

Why should I, a taxpayer, pay for all these election gimmicks?

I don’t think anyone has an answer to this question. Our money as taxes is one of the biggest sources for governments to fund their initiatives. And, as a citizen of India, we have every right to question an initiative which we might think as a waste. Some might argue that having the tallest statue in the world, is a great tourism boost for us, whereas a few would criticize it for being a bad investment when other issues are more important. As a democracy, it is great that we are questioning everything. This is what a healthy democracy is.


When Togetherness Hugged me

After joining my new office in June, it has been months since I have been in some real touch with my friends. All that fun of the college seems like a distant affair now. Those days when we used to bunk classes for some relishing street food, that time when we added money to buy ourselves a treat, everything felt like it is never going to return again.

But I have been wrong in the past. And I am glad that I am wrong again, this time. When office life was eating my youth, my friends bombed that devastation with a wonderful plan. Five of us decided to have a movie plan. Well, you may think that it is as boring and cliche as the morning bathroom rituals. However, it was not. Although it was a movie plan for sure. But we had decided that it was to be held at night, under the open sky!

Well, if crazy is what it sounds, then, mission accomplished. After so many days of not meeting and spending time, the only perfect way was to do it in a crazy way. So we had came up with a quick plan. Just near to our college, we had a huge stretch of agricultural land, but for the crops. One of my friends had some good connections with the nearby police and he arranged for us a stretch of land, just with enough trees to hang our artificial screen and build a small, fake tent, which we had rented from a nearby store. For food, we packed the some chips, samosas, and a bag full of popcorns, few small bottles of water and finally arranged our laptops and a small battery powered source, which could last for about four hours.

And finally the night came. Just as the clock struck nine, we moved out of one of our friend’s rented room towards our destination. Stars are a rarity in Delhi, but even looking at the miffed face of a grey, polluted sky, ran a chill down my spine, when I anticipated that this night we friends are going to enjoy a lot by catching a movie together.

Only if that could happen so easily.

As soon as we reached our destination, the sky gave a fierce cry and suddenly poured down on us, on our plans, on our anticipations, and ruined everything for us. We all ducked inside our tents as the water filled the entire area. It poured like it was a punishment for dreaming for a night together. We had our laptops and phones with us, so it was not possible to run back towards the room. The only thing left for us to do was to wait and sulk.

But never with the friends, can we get time to sulk. No matter how nature ruined our plans for a movie, but it couldn’t sabotage our plans of having fun. As we chocked into the small tent together, we took out those spicy snacks and started what could be counted as one of the most memorable nights of my life. Our talks started from how we met in college. How we spent our exam times. How unfair it was to have no girls in our class. Our college crushes. Those failed proposals. Some exam cheating mechanisms. Our work life – and how it sucked. It was like living my life of four years once again.

We never realised how hours passed and not even for a minute we touched our phones or laptops. The depth of the scent of wet clay, the music of the falling raindrops over our tent, that untold chill in the air, as we squeezed in and connected – it was an old-school reunion. I am happy that it happened. In our busy life, we never realise, how much we are missing. In a run for money, we have stopped giving preferences to lives and relationships that really matter. May be, that is the need for the moment.

Go out with your friends and dear ones. Submit yourself to nature. The vastness of it’s infinite expansion would make your realise that you are nothing, when you are alone. The bonds that you have with others make you stronger.

I hope togetherness hugs us all over again, as it did to me. Trust me, nothing is as worthy as that!

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Study The Magic of Art

In a word filled with a distinguished frenzy of things, finding art is a celestial talent. Those observing eyes, that patience of letting the things grow, printing those pristine images into the mind, and finally expressing them in their own unique language of colours and strokes – only few people are so beloved to God. And each of those languages of expressions deserve a path that takes their talent to the epitome of success.

India is known around around the world for its previous, unique, and ancient plethora of umpteen number of art forms. Each have their own way of saying a story, which makes a deep impact into hearts and turns into an experience of life. A few of the art forms that have made us proud around the world are Patachitra – or Cloth Art; Bengal Pat – an art form which is produced by using instruments carved out of wood, husks, and natural colours; and Tanjore Art – an Art with precious stones done in Tamil Nadu. Their are endless others, and mentioning all of them with their deserving credit is not a mortal possibility.

Many people, here in India crave for a right path to sharpen their talent and inclination towards art. And as stereotypical our society is, they often have to kill their dreams, just to have that risk free job at a cornered desk, where the only inspiration can be the taunt of the seniors. While this is one of the reasons, many other have to shun their desires due to the lack of enough resources.

Proudly flaunting my status of belonging to the cultural state of India – West Bengal, I have had the good fortune of visiting various galleries in Kolkata, where inspirations of people have been conceived over canvasses. I am far from understanding the depth of thoughts, the emotions, the silently screaming themes, or the hidden stories behind them. But all I can say is – it makes me feel small but inspired. There is a list of some contemporary art galleries in Kolkata, which one should visit. These arts are mysterious. And getting surrounded by things, so real, and yet so mysterious – it has a charm of its own!

But as more people from India are moving towards a secure future, where life is boring but risk free. But is this good? Whatever the situation may be, there are still a few colleges, which have held the art with an iron fist. Searching through internet, I found an interesting list of different art colleges in Kolkata at Collegedunia.com, which tells about some art colleges with modest fees, variety of degrees, quality teaching, and a great reputation. But the sad part is the enrollment has now reduced.

Let’s just hope that we have more wizards, who are ready to study the magic of art and enthrall us in the future.

The Internet Revolution

Gone are the days when the basic requirements of life were limited to three. Now there is a new addition. Something has become an inseparable part of life, which is now becoming instrumental for every individual to live in this digital age. The new member to the family of basic needs is the INTERNET.

The internet has grown rapidly in recent years. From the Dial-up connection networks, which ruled the late nineties, the internet became mobile by the introduction of WAP. This climbed a step with GPRS connections in mobiles, which revolutionized the Internet in the smartphone networks. This revolution was the 2nd generation of the mobile internet. We popularly call it the 2G! Then the technology ran like a dream and in a few years, we had our CDMA2000 and WCDMA – popularly called as 3G. And finally, now, AIRTEL has come with another Internet Revolution in India – the 4G revolution.

Faster than we can imagine, the 4G network comes with a guarantee by Airtel that it is the fastest network in India. Reputation of Excellence as Airtel always had for its network, the challenge can’t be taken as a joke.

No matter what the results of the challenge are, I have fashioned a set of tasks I would carry out if I ever get my hands dirty with this Internet Beast!

Download My Movies:

There are days when I feel like never leaving the couch. During those times, a good movie is like a soft hand of a lover. But not always can we find that movie we are craving for, kept in our computer. Then, we have two options to deal. First one being dissappointed, and the second one being using the 4G connection and downloading that movie, before the thought about the first option.

Explore the Curiosity:

Being from a Tech Background, there is always a hidden craze inside me to learn new things. To do it, there are number of audio and videographic options that linger around the internet. Viewing them runtime, or downloading the whole thing in a whisker, the choice of those luxuries are only found with the person with a 4G.

Turn my phone into TV:

Being Indian, cricket is the second religion for me. And when Indians are on the field, not having a TV to watch them kiss the victory is abysmal. To unfollow those disasters, a fast 4G connection can help transform the smartphone into an awesome experience of Live TV!

Explore Plethora of Music:

To bask my mood with a variety of emotions, a bit of music is always a catalyst. And I never let my feelings suffer the thirst of it. So, with airtel 4G, a vast plethora of online music are always at our service, lightning fast!

So many wishes, and a small brain to accommodate it – that’s my utmost dilemma. But, about one thing I am clear : That I am surely going to be part of the Airtel 4G Internet Revolution!

Balance that life with a diet!

Our life is always hit by numerous challenges and pressure. To keep ourselves from tumbling away, we need a balance. A supporting wall. A force to back us up. And there is no alternative to this other than love and a healthy diet. There are a number of benefits of having a healthy diet.

The first one being its ability to control weight. If right amount of butter and oils are taken, along with other fruits and vegetables, it will not only make us strong, but also would provide a beautiful body, with a proper weight, and nice figure, that too without any means of dieting or restrictions.

A healthy body, and a fresh mind is a basic demand for every soul. Eating good food, releases the right hormones and enzymes that keep our body fresh from inside, and we can feel it as our mood turns jolly, and abstains itself from irritation.

One of the most important functions of a healthy diet is its ability to fight diseases. A balanced diet contains right amount of fruits and vegetables that provide themselves as staple food for vitamin and minerals. While minerals like calcium and phosphorous keep our bones and teeth strong, having vitamins, keep a lot of diseases at bay. A glass of milk with a spoon of honey makes a wonderful and tasty honey diet, that tastes as sweet as a good health.

Energy is the primary need of all human beings. With people working hard in every work of life, it is necessary that we keep our energy levels high. To do it, a good carbohydrate based diet is the need. By having the right amount of energy in store, we can avoid tiredness, inattentiveness, prolonged sleepiness and even weakness.

Last but not the least, good food is extremely important for the development of our body and brain. Daily consumption of pulses, eggs, or chicken, is highly recommended as it fulfills the growth nutrients of our body: protein. If this is not provided properly, we may start receiving body cramps, weak muscles, and short height.

So, balanced diet is a boon for us. But there are many people, who don’t understand the importance of a balanced diet, and end up with a crash diet, in order to have quick solution to their weight related problems. This is wrong. A crash diet can be extremely harmful for the body, for it takes away its benefits of access of the healthy nutrients. A few small points may elucidate the harmful effects of a crash diet:-

1) A sudden loss of calories may act as a shock to the body and it may end up feeling starved and ill.

2) A large part of water content in our body comes from food. Abstaining to eat it dismantles the proportion.

3) Due to lack of nutrients, the weight may be lost, but the body is exposed to a number of diseases.

So, it’s always advisable that a balanced diet should be taken. Never compromise with it. Just balance that life with a diet!

This article is dedicated to an important health topic by DABUR INDIA

Keeping Cricket Near

Cricket is the only religion, which goes without any fight to become the most beloved religion of our country. Each one of us, by some form or other try to follow it ritualistically. Since our childhood, when street cricket was the integral part of our daily agenda to a daily office life, where cricket still crawls through the little loopholes to kiss us like a long lost lover. So, someway or the other, it keeps itself attached to our life.

But the pain evolves when we can’t love it back like it does. When, the way we used to follow every ball is a forgotten affair now. When, we find that the happy addiction is subverted. But, inspite of all this, we try to keep in touch with it through various connecting points. Being busy from 9 till 8 in the evening, I have my own little ways to access the joyous exhilaration of the world of cricket.

THE CAFETERIA TV: Catching breaks is difficult for me. But I do sneak out, every now then, riding on my excuse of getting coffee to the main cafeteria. The coffee breaks yield no efforts to extend itself to some unprofessional delays. But when its cricket, who cares?

BEST FRIEND INTERNET: Normally it’s not my nature to exploit the office Wifi. But I give my principles a pause when the men in blue take charge in the field. Sneaking in previews on the internet TV becomes more important than doing my task. Although the celebration for that sky kissing six or that sharp boundary remains muffled in my heart, a satisfied smile enlightens my face.

THE RETRO BACKUP: When luck goes for a toss and I am no longer the boss to control the live feed of the match on my screen, I smirk at my friend from the old tech world. The rusty sound reception, along with the voice of AIR commentators, sneaking in between a layer of BSNL advertisements, describes my experience in short. Next time, if you find me smiling at you for no reason, you can either guess between by brain being replaced with a joker’s, or my excitement about a classic straight drive is spilling out way too much.

THE GIFT OF WEB: While traveling in the Delhi Metro, everything goes out of place, as radio signal disintegrates. To quench the thirst of scores, I finally move to my ultimate and most commonly used medium. Even with a minute amount of data bit rate, and a touch of UC Cricket, the scores load in front of my eyes in a flash, and that too amazingly live.

My four ways to get access to cricket is here. I am sure each one of us has their own way of doing it. Afterall, it’s all about KEEPING CRICKET NEAR!

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Tips for Healthy Skin

A naturally healthy skin is every human’s dream. No wonder we drool over those eloquent skin of the movie stars that we see on the television. But that longing is seldom fulfilled. With costly doctors and trainers taking care of the movie stars, they live the dream of a healthy skin. But not all of them can afford it. So, we all should take care of ourselves using some basic steps. A few basic steps and even we can dip ourselves into that dream of soft skin that anyone would envy.

A few of those basic steps are here for your disposal. Not that I am a skin doctor, and neither that I have the best skin in the whole world, but a few steps can’t do any harm.

Purify the Blood: Best skins are of those who have the blood devoid of any impurities. But to have a purified blood, we have to consume some natural cleansing agent. Consuming boiled water with neem leaves in it is a natural cleaner. It removes all the toxic agents from the blood and keep it clean.

Less oily food: Oily food is an enemy of skin. Excessive oily food makes the skin oily, which leads to dirt sticking on it. Excessive dirt causes bacterial infections which leads to the greatest enemies of youthful skin: acne, boils and what not! So the one rule is – run away from oily food!

Drink lots of water: Water helps in proper excretion, which washes away the toxins. So drinking a lot of water reduces the amount of toxins in the body.

Keep away from Smoking and Drugs: It’s not an unnatural phenomenon that drugs reduces the lifeline significantly. But also it is well known that it robs away the youth. The natural glow of the skin is lost. Wrinkles start to come out. This is devastating for skin. So keeping away from any bad addiction is a must!

Have a proper sleep: A proper sleep is always a necessity. It not only reduces stress, calms the mind, recharges the body, but also reduces the stress of the skin. Excessive working can be harmful for the skin. So a proper period of sleep: that is a minimum of 7 hours should always be taken.

Use proper cosmetics: Since the skin carves your body with the beauty it has, we should take care of the cosmetics and bathroom commodities which we apply on them. Cosmetics and products with natural ingredients are always a plus for the skin. There is no harm that is caused, due to the lack of chemical components, and the natural ingredients provide the required health and cleanliness it deserves.

So, here are my few tips of a healthy skin. And I hope that it will be of some help to all of you.

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The Brain Scale

No matter how much we try, there is seldom a time when we get a correct approximation of any measurement, even after using the physical scale for thousand times. Well, its not our fault. Human brains, after millions of centuries, have developed in such a way that now, the measurement capabilities come as a virtue to us. Calculations in our mind, quick decisions, instant reactions, they are all the part of a small area in our brain, responsible for its measurement capabilities.

But, it suffers one only disadvantage. The decision making powers of the brain, based on measurements is actually not dependent on a standard mathematical scale. Research studies have shown that our brain measures using a Logarithmic scale.

Confused? Perhaps, these two pictures would help you have a bit of the context I am referring above.

Logarithmic Scale

A Normal Scale

So, if we compare both of them, no points for guessing, the logarithmic scale shows a peculiar characteristic. As we can observe, the difference between consecutive values is decreasing as we are moving towards the higher values. But compared to that, we all know and have observed that a normal centimetre scale has a fixed difference between the measurement values.

So why this difference? This question can be answered by using a bit of elementary mathematics.

The log scale shown above is actually a measurement scale based on ratio of difference between the two values to the higher value. This means the following:

Consider the first three cases. In the first case the lower value of measurement is 1 and the higher value is 2. The difference between them is 1. So the ratio of the difference to the higher value is 1 : 2, which is 50%.

Now in case two, the difference is the same – (4-3=1), but the ratio is 1 : 4 which is 25%, which is shown with the decrease in the difference.

Consider the next case again. Now the ratio is 1 : 5 = 20%

This way, as the values are increasing, the ratio value in percentage points is decreasing, which therefore, proves the decrease in the gap as we move higher.

But, in contrast to this, a normal scale works just on the difference and not on the ratio of difference to the higher value point.

Now, the point to be proven is how can one show that a human mind is thinking in a logarithmic pattern. For that, consider a real life scenario:

Consider that on a given bad day, your college university framed 10 heated questions for your test. Well, sure. Nuts to that college! But now, you hear a good news. One of the questions was eliminated as it was out of syllabus. Now you have just four papers left! Yay, right? No?  Alright!

Okay, then lets consider that your college has appointed a new dean and he structured just two question for the test. Now, he suddenly had an enlightenment and he decided that he is should quit burdening students and cancelled one of the questions. Now you do have a smile, right? Yes, great!

So, in both the cases, the number of questions cancelled were the same, that is two. But, then, your first test suddenly wasn’t better compared to the second.

The reason to this is simple. Just as the function of the log scale was ratio of difference to the higher value, the function here is the ratio of number of cancelled questions to the total number of questions.

Clearly in the first case, the ratio value was 1/10 that is 10%; but the value was 1/2 or 50% for the second case.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Well, that’s how the arithmetic unit of our mind performs its computation. It wouldn’t be wrong from now, to call the log scale, a proportionality scale, or simple – THE BRAIN SCALE!

Bachat ki Khan-Khan!

In this quicksand of time, where each day we’re made to keep ourselves occupied so that we just don’t sink into it, we hardly find ourselves free. We’re busy fulfilling the lust of tomorrow’s comfort that we often forget our today’s happiness.
Not until recently, I was leading a life, where all I could imagine was preparing for job interviews and complete my assignments. I didn’t even have time to look up and see what’s going around in this big beautiful world of ours. I realized the importance of making time for myself when I finally freed myself from all wordy matters that were nagging me for the past four years and picked up my phone to call an old friend only to realize my sim card was discontinued due to insufficient balance for the past six months.
Then a friend of mine told me about Airtel. On his suggestion, I bought the airtel sim, and then downloaded the AIRTEL APP. Well, from the day I downloaded the app on my phone, life has never been easier. I need someone to keep up with my busy schedule and an application which can look after my smartphone needs, reduces my burden a little bit.

This application has also given me a reason to dance (I mean literally!) who wouldn’t want to dance knowing the fact, that it could actually save money and bring up attractive offers. The SHAKE feature exactly does this. All I need to do is dance along with my phone for a while, and my phone buzzes up with cash back offers and cool deals, sweetened up with some few burned calories!
I remember the time when I would forget important dates and would mess up my life due to my forgetful nature. Thanks to Airtel, this app has a solution even for that. Now I don’t have to remember to recharge my phone. All I need to do is to set a reminder, and this app, like a very caring mother, would remind me to recharge my phone. Now, I can go on with my forgetful nature and still manage to at least recharge my phone on time!
With so much internet frauds going around nowadays, it has become difficult to trust on these applications, but thanks to Airtel again, it’s fast and secure service, does not let me worry about losing my hard earned money. This service is like a boon to me because I am very particular about secure transactions, but to make this application more fantastic, there are some delicious offers to flavor this application.

This video would show you why I love this application so much, because it has not only made my life easier but also has helped me save money. Now all I hear is BACHAT KI KHAN –KHAN!

The Mystery Game

With India, improving its entertainment quotient, every year, with new leagues, based on Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Tennis, and many more, nothing has caught my eyes more than a series of riddling videos by Kapil Dev. It tries to deliver a message. With use of little incidents, Kapil Dev has been giving hints about a new game – Ek Nayi League.

So what’s it about? No one has a clue. And Kapil Dev hasn’t answered the question yet. Therefore, it is the series of videos, which we have at our disposal, to guess the game correctly.

To start the guesswork, the first thing that is needed is decoding of the videos. And to do this, we may have to find a pattern, a common factor,  a special key, which locks the hints together. Carefully observing the videos, and after listening to him, here are a few things, which I have narrowed down.

1) It Talks about different celebrities.

2) It talks about little life incidents that led to bigger achievements.

3) It talks about passion. It talks about person playing it ‘Dil Se’.

4) Last, but not the least, a hint that being passionate about it, won’t help the candidate.

Having studied all these factors, a few things about the Nayi League has started popping in my head.

1) Firstly, saying that being passionate won’t help in winning the game, perhaps indicate that this game is a game of practical approaches, and decisions of the mind. A heart, and its skewed viewpoint towards things will not help.

2) Mr Kapil Dev, points towards his head many times. This has made me into believe that it is a game of the mind. A game where only the sharpness and clarity of mind are the only talents well received.

So here goes my guess: it’s a game show, where different celebrities will be confronted by situations and questions, which they have faced in the past, but have avoided, since, that might have hurt. With the new game taking place, these celebrities have to deal with the problems, and situations with a systematic layout of strategies, where each step would be an elevated ground from its predecessor, but would make sure that the player moves ahead, and wins the game. The situations can be personal. The questions can be emotional. So the use of heart in this game will be absolutely prohibited. The person, who is efficient enough to walk through the strategical steps, till the end, without getting carried away with emotions and pain, embarrassment, and anger, would be declared the winner.

Well, that’s only a guess. The real revelation will be made out by Mr. Kapil Dev himself. Not only is the whole idea of promoting the league, with a series of riddling videos is interesting, but also is the lingering mystery, which fogs the real game for now.

Let’s just wait till the mystery game unveils!