Our Mother Needs Us

Raised up, sitting on her comfortable lap, the journey of life in this earth has been a joy ride. With no selfishness, our mother nature has showered innumerable bounties on us. It has smiled through the vibrancy of picturesque colours of flowers. It has danced with us, with the soothing sways of the wind. It has bathed us by bringing millions of little drops of happiness from heaven. It has provided us warmth of comforts through the humongous patch of green trees, and ever-growing mass of clear ocean waters. With her, we learned the strategies of survival. Definition of Happiness. The Language of bonding.

And unfortunately, the sorcery of greed.

And since then, there has been an everlasting twilight of infinite expanse. A darkness that has engulfed us into it. It has created a world where our needs speak more than our demands. There is a constant race towards achieving more than everything. In the name of needs, we have now embarked upon a path where achieving more than others is considered appropriate.

Piteous Situation of Forests                               Credits: http://www.thinkglobalgreen.org

But the mother nature still doesn’t mind. It works hard to keep itself alive. It makes sure that it keeps us in the best of our health, even if it sinks deep into an abyss of disaster. But we still don’t bother. With population increasing exponentially, the resources of nature have only increased with an arithmetic progression. This has thus created a barrier, a demand-supply gap, which is very difficult to fill. Trees are being cut. Oceans are getting soiled everyday. The ever increasing temperature due to industrial upliftment has caused the icecaps to melt. And even after knowing these to be catastrophic, we have no option, but to continue it. The need of land for houses, water for basic cleaning and drinking needs, clothes to wear, technologies and heavy machinery for industrial revolution, has created an internal war, where human with powers is extracting more, where as on the other side, there are people for whom  normal is a mammoth scarcity.

But in this age of abysmal outrage, there are minute strings of hope that exist. The key is to collect them all and build a rope, powerful enough to tear through the veil of greed and scarcity. And this can’t be done by a single group of people. A collective hand is the need of the hour. And here are a few things, which we can do in our daily life, not only for our personal gain, but also for the good of the environment.

Rainwater: Small thing it is, but it comes with a bagful of advantages. Most of the water from the rain, meets garbage and goes down as waste. It is a necessity to mention that, rain water is actually distilled water, with a kiss of particulate matter from the air. Surely we can’t use it for drinking and other purposes, but using it to water the plants in the backyard, or washing the car, is an idea that shows the prowess of a man’s re-usability skills.

Rainwater Harvesting                  Credits: http://www.e-pao.net

Using Spoons: Thousands of trees are cut everyday, just to make chopsticks and wooden spatulas. As a style statement and with culture playing as ventriloquist, lakhs of them are used and served in restaurants. They can be easily replaced by using metal equipments. So content and powerful is nature, that even if they are used for just one wear, much of the environmental balance will be restored.

Chopsticks                                                  Credits: letsgodine.com

Using Nature for Nature: India is one of biggest manufacturers of Jute and cotton items in the world. Not only they are bio-degradable, they can be easily washed, and have a longer lifetime. Replacement of plastic bags in our daily lives, with fashionable jute bags, can slowly take away the burden of non-biodegradable waste from the chest of mother nature.

Jute bag                          Credits: http://www.amanasia.com

Meticulous Driving and CookingWith TV advertisements regularly showing it, this obviously is a charming initiative towards saving some extra money, and also the environment. Any fuel derived from Crude Oil and mining is non renewable. This means that they are bound to finish one day, only to never return. Also the process of formation of fossil fuels takes millions of years, causing the near future to fall into a grave danger. An optimum speed of 50 to 60 Kmph on road, will not only ensure our safety and a smooth enjoyable ride, but also it will help save a few litres of fuel, which, if followed by every person, would drastically credit the available stock.

Cycling: While traveling short distances, cycling is a real boon. It has precious health benefits, comprising of : Healthy respiration, Proper circulation of blood in the body, ease in digestion, a healthy round of exercise, and great prospects of having a good height. Adding to that, it provides efficient speed to travel pretty long distances in relatively shorter time. And their is a short benefit of lesser gas emissions, caused due to usage of motor vehicles. This can be a beneficial helping in curbing the effects of greenhouse effect.

Buying the Proper Comforts: Acknowledging the presence of Energy saving rating, and the absense of CFC (Chloral-Fluoro Carbon) in our Air Conditioners and Refrigerators, we can joy the sumptuous comfort of a delicate cuddles of cool air on our cheeks, along with a chilled glass of our favourite cold drink. And also with it, save some energy for our environment, and protect the Ozone layer.

Make a Photographic BackgroundFinally, there is nothing better than having a personal dais for staging our photographic talents and some smoking poses to become an icon. Nothing suits it than a background full of greenery. It has been scientifically proven that green is the most soothing colour for the eye. This explains why hospitals employ curtains that have shades of green. Building a small garden place with fresh plants that bloom brilliant little gifts as flowers – it has its own charm.

There are many other ways that work their way for us to join those little strings of hope. Although it may sound pedantic, but all these activities are an urgent need of the hour. Little efforts from each of us can be an important help to uplift the old body of our mother nature, who sits paralyzed for now, and is still trying to feed our needs. Once it stands up, there is no question about she not working to nurture our needs.

But for now, our mother needs us.

     This post is dedicated to an initiative by the band Studio NH 47 and NGO Greenyatra, to inspire reforestation.

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